Meet Cooking Student Emely

We talked to NorthTec Level 5 cooking student, Emely Jessop about cooking and her dish for the Savour Northland Feast2020 competition…


Emely is Niuean born and has lived in New Zealand most of her life. She lives in Whangarei while studying at NorthTec under tutor Brooke Irving.

How long have you been studying at NorthTec?
I started at Northtec 2019 at level 3 & 4 cookery now studying Diploma in cookery L5.

Tell us about your Feast2020 dish
THE GECKO PLATTER – pepper stuffed mexican beans with a Parihaka Cheese topping/Crumbed Cauliflower and Parihaka Cheese Sauce/ Slice baguette with a Sundried tomato & Parihaka pesto

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Why did you choose Parihaka Cheese as your hero ingredient?
There were a few fresh ingredients that I wanted to cook with like the cauliflower, the pepper, I was really undecided, but also looked at cheese and what I could do with cheese so many options.

I spoke from the guy at the Growers market, Grinning Gecko Cheese canopy and just started throwing some ideas around. Took that back home got some inspiration from my partner, built a brain storm, didn’t want to make one dish so I decided on a platter. Why have one when you can have 3.

Where would you like to work in the future?
My future I want to complete my L5 learn and soak in all the techniques and skills that I can. I also want to bring some creativity and modern twists, with refining and choosing flavours of the Pacific, my childhood memory and modern flavours and produce some amazing dishes and flavours. Hopefully one day cooking in my own fine dining restaurant. 

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