Meet NorthTec Cooking Student Jess

We talked to NorthTec Level 5 cooking student, Jessica Berweger about cooking and her winning dish for the Savour Northland Feast2020 competition…


Jess is an international student from Switzerland and lives in Whangarei while studying at NorthTec under tutor Brooke Irving.

How long have you been studying at NorthTec?
I have studied cookery for 1 and a half years now. Went through Level 3 and 4 and am currently undergoing Cookery Level 5.

What is your specialty/favourite type of dish to cook?
I love doing desserts and having a focus on vegetarian and vegan cookery.

Tell us about your Feast2020 dish
Tamarillo crumble, tamarillo sorbet and a grapefruit curd.

Download this recipe…

Why did you choose tamarillo as your hero ingredient?
I chose tamarillo as my hero/main ingredient because I am fascinated by the extraordinary flavour of the fruit, it also can be quite challenging to work with it, and is only found in New Zealand.

Where would you like to work in the future?
I would like to gain experience in various locations around New Zealand, as well as in some places overseas. After that I would like to own my own business that promotes vegetarian and vegan food.

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