Meet Student Ambassador: Kaye Pembid

Kaye is originally from the Phillipines and moved to New Zealand with her older sister, Mum and Step Dad 10 years ago.


She is now studying at Whangarei Girls’ High School and is one of our 2020 student ambassadors. We asked her a few questions about what she likes about Northland…

What made you choose Northland?

I choose Northland because everything here is what I don’t have in my province. From the beach, parasailing, swimming with the dolphins and more. Everything I thought that I would never do, I’ve done. The landscape and nature here is wonderful as well. You have the beach, beautiful mountains and it’s not too crowded. 

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

What I love the most about studying here in NZ. You have the freedom to choose which subject you want, everything is not compulsory but the only difference about studying here vs my province is that there are lots of programmes we do (we dance or make any acts) and school camp. But the common thing i like about both NZ and my province is that everyone treats each other as friends and family. Also NZ only has 6 hours of school but in my country we have 8-9 hours of school. 

What are your favourite experiences in Northland?

My favourite experience here in Northland is being part of the kapa haka group. Playing hockey, rugby and netball which is a new thing for me because in my country we mostly only do basketball and volleyball. I also liked visiting glow worm caves and doing waka ama.

What is it like living in New Zealand?

I don’t actually live in a homestay family. I’ve lived here for about 6 years now but I’ve been to a lot of maori and kiwi family gatherings. They are so kind and I was shocked because they know about the famous Manny Pacquiao (a filipino professional boxer who is now a senator of the Philippines). They are very welcoming, lovely and they treat me like a family. 

What are your interests, sports  and hobbies?

I like being active, doing new things and doing things out of the house. My hobbies are dancing, playing the guitar (still a beginner), karaoke, baking and more. But what I like most is hanging out with my family and friends at the beach and I love watching cartoons.   

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends?

The beach because it’s away from school.

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