Meet Student Ambassador: Rose

We talked to student ambassador, Joy Rose, originally from India and currently a year 12 at Whāngarei Girls’ High School, about what she loves about Northland.


My family and I moved to NZ when I was 5 years old. We have been living in NZ for over 10 years now.

Why do you love Northland?

I like Northland because there is a lot of diversity and culture and people are very friendly and welcoming here. Northland has many beautiful beaches, native bushes, green scenery, and a warm, subtropical climate.

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

I like studying in NZ because it offers many various opportunities and learning experiences inside and outside the classroom and enables us to take a practical, hands-on approach to learning to apply our knowledge to real-life situations. Also, NZ schools and the teachers help us to achieve our best in our studies and they provide a healthy learning environment.

What are your favourite experiences and places to go to in Northland?

 My favourite things to do in Northland would be going on beach trips with my family because I like seeing the beautiful beaches that Northland offers. Summer times are perfect for enjoying a fun time with family and friends creating good memories for a lifetime.

 What are your interests, sports, and hobbies?

I have always had an interest in dance from a young age, especially Bollywood dance. Also, I love to play badminton. In my spare time, I love listening to music and watching movies.

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends?

My favourite places to hang out with friends are usually the badminton centre and town basin or the cinemas.


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