Meet Student Ambassador: Shruti

I am from Fiji, but when I was 4 months old my family came to New Zealand. I have been in New Zealand for about 14 years ( basically my whole life ) and I am in Year 10 at Whangārei Girls’ High School.


What made you choose Northland?

What made me choose Northland is that we thought that it will be a good area for us to live in and we would have lots of opportunities for us to choose from.

What do you love most about studying in New Zealand?

What I love most about studying in New Zealand are all the opportunities I have in school. In school, there are so many communities and clubs for me to choose from and join. There are also so many options to choose from that will help me in the future so I am very grateful for that.

What are your favourite experiences in New Zealand?

My favorite experiences in Northland are meeting new people, and going to different fun festivals in town because I like to explore and find out about new cultures or anything like that.

What are sports do you play?

Some sports I have done are netball, swimming, squash, a little bit of tennis and currently, I am playing Badminton. I am not a very sporty person, but I like to try out new sports. Some of my hobbies are doing sports like badminton, sewing, a little bit of cooking, and playing board games with my friends and family.

What local places do you like to go to with friends?

My favorite local place to hang out with friends is probably Laurie Hall Park because we like to go outside in nature rather than go inside.

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