Toni Interviews her English Teacher, Mrs Druery

Toni, one of our student ambassador’s from Springbank School interviewed her english teacher, Mrs Druery.


What do you love most about teaching English and why did you choose to teach it?

“To be honest, I always wanted to become a journalist or correspondent when I was younger.  But I think English is very inspirational and it is something I have always been quite good at.

Literature has always been my passion, so I decided to get back to college and after a couple of years I was able to teach English.

What I love most about teaching English is when students start understanding and start thinking more deeply.  It is satisfying to watch when they sit there, and it suddenly “clicks”. 


Toni talks about why she loves English…

I like English for many reasons.  One of them is that it gets you to think critically about what you are doing and what is happening around you.  I like getting creative and English gives you so many options to do so.  Recently we read a novel and had to re-write the end of the story where I had to use my imagination and invent a different ending.

Sometimes it is hard for me to understand what is going on because English is my second language, but Mrs. Druery is always there to explain and help me if I do not understand something.  She always comes up with a creative way of teaching English which makes it very interesting.  We discuss critical topics, invent our own role plays and write our own stories.

 And she encourages me to do the best I can and sets individual standards. When I am going to English class, I go there with a smile because I know it is going to be fun.

But besides this, English is very useful in every aspect of life.  When I am older, I want to travel around the world and English is the main language to communicate with people from other countries that do not speak the same language as me.  Or when I am writing emails, letters, or messages to friends in different countries it is important to learn how to express yourself and how you can write it so people can understand your ideas.

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