Youssef Interviews ICT Teacher

Springbank School international student, Youssef Awad interviewed his ICT (Information Communication Technology) Teacher, Mr Wallace about how he got into teaching this subject.


Mr Wallace, why did you decide to start teaching ICT, and when did you start teaching ICT ?

“I love ICT, because I can always set myself a challenge. Initially I moved to London with Graphic Design degree, but for me, it was boring, and because I love a challenge, Graphic Design did not do it for me.

My friends who were teachers gave me the idea to be an ICT teacher, and as I had always enjoyed gaming as a kid, working with computers is a passion I have had since I was a young boy.

Working as an ICT teacher has been great for me, as it makes me challenge myself every day, especially since 2020 as this is the first year I have taught students as young as Year 3 to Year 10, and working at Springbank School is great as I adore the environment.

I think the range of software is very exciting, and Mr Warren (the Principal) is great to work with, as he’s got such an open mind for new things and new ideas.  I also love working with the students because they are also extremely open minded.”  –  Mr Wallace


Why Youssef enjoys ICT


“Honestly, I love ICT because of many reasons. It is so diverse and fun, and I am a person who loves having options, so ICT is perfect.

I love having a challenge to keep me occupied during a lesson, and Mr Wallace definitely provides that, as he sets activities that helps everyone to learn and improve.

I chose to interview Mr Wallace because he is one of my favourite teachers.  He is not too strict when he does not need to be, and he lets us discuss with our classmates.  Mr Wallace is also a fun teacher to talk to as he always has something informative to say, and he goes straight into the point.

ICT is a subject that I believe I will keep doing as the world is turning technological, which is always improving and evolving.  Plus there are always problems that need to be solved, and almost everyone uses computers to do their jobs.  

I personally enjoy coding and typing, and the satisfaction from getting the correct code to work is amazing.

ICT teaches you that there is always a solution.  It’s the way you do it that changes the outcome.  Some outcomes are good, and some work.  But they may not be what you were looking for, and some just won’t work.”  –  Youssef Awad

What is ICT – Information Communication and Technology?

ICT teaches students new and emerging technologies, and solutions to solve problems.  They learn to recognise potential risks, plus use safe, secure and responsible practice, whilst developing a broad range of IT skills.  They develope an understanding of the parts, use and application of IT systems within a range of organisations, including the use of basic computer networks, and how IT systems affect society in general.  They then apply this understanding to workplace situations, whilst also being aware of the role of the internet and its potential, plus risks.  Students apply their knowledge and understanding of IT to solve problems.

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