Student Ambassador Program

The Study Northland Student Ambassador program works with a group of engaged international and domestic students providing opportunities for them to strongly connect with Northland’s culture, environment and community. Ambassadors have been selected from 9 Northland schools including NorthTec and there are currently students from 10 different countries including New Zealand.

Student ambassadors are helping to co-design the program, encompassing Northland activities, workshops and collaborations with local businesses and charities, all aimed at empowering them to think and act globally. There is a strong emphasis on ambassadors sharing their experiences on Study Northland’s digital channels, creating a library of authentic student-generated content to promote Northland’s study offering to both international education and students from other regions in New Zealand.

Ambassadors will have opportunities to represent their country and their school at a range of Northland events. During Business Challenge Days, students will collaborate with educational and tourism activity providers in the region to bring both youth and international perspectives to the businesses involved.

‘Kiwi’ student ambassadors are an integral part of welcoming new international and domestic students to their school and introducing them to the program, as well as providing continuity as international students arrive and leave. Their participation in the program, and skills learned throughout the program, will give them a unique advantage when transitioning to further study or work.  

Students initially taking part in the program are from: Whangarei Girls High, Whangarei Boys High, Kamo High, NorthTec, Tauraroa Area School, Huanui College, Kerikeri High School and Springbank School.

Benefits of the Ambassador Program for Students

Meeting and connecting with people in the local community, local businesses and other international and kiwi student ambassadors. When students return to their home country, they will have evidence to support the experiences and learnings from their study abroad experience. Each ambassador will receive an official reference letter which can be included with university or job applications as well as an online profile and a visual record of their ambassador challenges.

We hope our ambassadors will all stay connected even after they return to their home countries and continue to tell others about Northland.

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