Meet Student: Oak from Thailand

We interviewed Oak (Tanatouch), a year 13 student at Whangarei Boys’ High School, who came to New Zealand from Chonburi in Thailand in 2019.


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Why did you choose Northland?

Before coming to Northland New Zealand I have to choose which school I wanted to go to. I searched about Northland it look so nice in the pictures and the weather is very good so I choose to come to Northland 

What do you love about studying here?

I love that I can choose the subject that I want to study and for my future job and my friends are very nice to me they always take care with me.

What is it like living with a kiwi host family?

It’s really good to have a host brother who I can play football and x-box with. I also like getting the bus together to school and my host parents are very kind to me. 

What is your favourite experience in Northland?

My favorite experience in Northland is, I got first place in Northland golf tournament. I also visited Nelson to play golf for my school and we won. 

What sports do you play? What are your hobbies?

I’m interested in soccer sports. I  play with my friend when I have free time or holiday and hobbies is listen to music I really like to play music when I stay at home. I also like to go out for a walking especially to the beautiful waterfalls in Whangarei. We went there when I first go to New Zealand and I really like it. 

What are your plans for 2024?

I will stay in NZ until I finish university. I will start AUT in February 2023 to study Art Design.

Update from Lyn Swan , International Director

Tanatouch (Oak) joined WBHS in 2019 and during his first year in school he successfully represented WBHS at a Golf Tournament in Nelson.  The Golf Academy attracted him to WBHS  but upon arrival Tanatouch found many other activities to occupy his time.  He still played golf but also enjoyed playing football and basket ball with his new kiwi friends. Friend’s that stayed with him through his time at WBHS. 

He stayed in Whangarei during the Covid Epidemic and had not been home sinceJanuary 2020. He coped really well with the support of school and his host families. After visiting AUT with Study Northland and other International students in 2O21 – he decided he would like to study Art Design there.  He worked hard in 2023 to complete school work, at times finding it a challenge but he never gave in.  He was delighted to receive a Merit Certificate for Art Design, Photography and Science at the Senior Prizegiving. 

Tanatouch describes the trips taken with the other International Student amongst the highlight of his stay in NZ. International Students from WBHS have the opportunity to join a trip (usually with other Northland Schools that we work very closely with). Some of our trips have included Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands, Hobbitton, Rotorua and Rainbows End. 

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