Meet Sasi: Student Ambassador from Thailand

Meet Sasi Sutjarit, who came to Northland in July 2022 from Thailand to study in year 12 at Whangārei Girls’ High School.



What made you choose Northland?

I choose Northland because I like the weather because it’s not too hot and there’s no snow here.

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

I love that the people here are always friendly and take care of me.  I can choose the subjects I want to study, especially the art subject. Teachers here do not block students from expressing their opinions.

What are your favourite experiences in Northland?

I am staying with host family for the first time. It is a really fun experience as well as learning new cultures and trying new foods.

What are your interests, sports and hobbies?

I usually like to play badminton, listening to music, watch movie, drawing art, planting trees as my hobbies.

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends?

I like to go to the mall and do some shopping or watch the movie with my friend, go to a cafe or some restaurants. Especially where it is popular on the internet.

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