Kiwi Buddy Programme

Pastoral care is equally important for our international students. All Northland schools hosting international students are signatories to the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, which ensures we take a holistic approach to the social, emotional and educational wellbeing of all of our students.

Every student is well supported within the school environment, and we also ensure every student has a safe, warm home environment with a New Zealand homestay family or with our school boarding facilities.

Kiwi Buddy Programme

Most schools have a ‘Kiwi’ Buddy’ programme to help new international students feel at home, and integrate quickly into school life in Northland. Local New Zealand students compete for places in the highly sought-after ‘Kiwi Buddy” programme and it is an honour to be selected.

Your kiwi buddy will…

  • Contact you before arrival via email, facebook, etc.
  • Meet you at the airport, with homestay family and Director of International Students.
  • Help with orientation and show you around the school.
  • Swap cell phone numbers and keep in contact
  • Answer all the questions you are too embarrassed to ask an adult
  • Introduce you at school assembly
  • Introduce you to their friends and include you in their social circle
  • Introduce you to your teachers
  • Meet you in the weekend and include you in social events and activities

Buddies are there to support you as best they can, while you integrate into our way of life. You can end up best of friends and have lifelong connections.

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