Meet Student Ambassador - Nisha

My name is Nisha, and I am 16 years old. I go to Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu correspondence school in Whāngarei. I am in Year 11 doing my NCEA Level 1.


I came to New Zealand with my little sister when I was 10 and half and my sister was 4. We are adopted. Everything was new to me, I had so many things that I needed to know and learn. When I moved from India to New Zealand, I didn’t know any English. I only spoke Bangla so that means that my mum and dad didn’t really understand what I was saying to them.

Once my sister and I asked Mum and Dad if we could stay up all night and they said yes because they didn’t know what I was saying to them. Now that I have learned English really well, they tell me so many funny things about our first year. I am so grateful to the people around me that are supportive and encouraging. I am at correspondence school because English is my third language and I have missed 6 years of schooling. It gives me more time to catch up with my studies.

Why do you love Northland?

I love Northland because it has a variety of beautiful beaches with warm water for swimming and surfing. Northland has lots of friendly coastal holiday destinations, cool shops and funky restaurants. I love visiting these places with family and friends. I especially love outdoor activities like parasailing in the Bay of Islands. I am so happy that I have made so many friends in Northland. I know that if I need help there are so many lovely people that I know will help me and stick up for me.

What do you love most about school in New Zealand?

I am enrolled in correspondence school and love it because I learn things in a very different way. I get more done when I am working at home,  therefore I get more time to focus on my individual needs. Once a week the correspondence school gets together for social activities and I get to meet new people and my teachers. 

What are your favourite experiences and places to go in Northland?

I had the best time parasailing in Paihia for my 16th birthday as well as checking out the new shops. Since I came to New Zealand, fishing has been one of my favorite things to do. I love fishing off the wharf at Tutukaka because it is calming and relaxing. I like to bring the fish home, prepare it and make a fish curry. 

I love going camping during the Christmas holidays at Otamure Bay. I love going there because the beach has clean water and there is a bike track for kids in the camp ground and it has two other beaches that are beautiful as well.  Once, when we stayed In Russell, my family and I went to the Hole in the Rock. It was the best thing, going in a big boat on the sea. We didn’t see any dolphins but it was so much fun that it didn’t matter.

There is a bike track at  Waitangi for family and friends to have some fun. I went there when I was 12. It was a great experience.

What are your interests, sports, and hobbies?

I absolutely love playing badminton. When I am playing I am always happy. There is not a moment that I have a sad face, I like the speed and the quickness in badminton. I play  two nights a week with a variety of people at the Northland Badminton centre.  I like cooking and I have made my own business where I make Indian food for my neighbours. My neighbours love me bringing my culture into the neighborhood.

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends?

I love going up Mount Parihaka with my friends. I love to go to the town basin and the Hunderwasser building. Badminton is another place where I meet my friends and hang out with them.

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