Meet Student Ambassador: Wageesha

My name is Wageesha and I have lived in Northland since I moved to New Zealand with my family about 5 years ago, from Sri Lanka. I am currently studying at Whangarei Girls’ High School.

Why do you love Northland?

One thing I love about Northland is its warm weather. It is always nice and warm in summer and only mildly cold in winter, so coming from a tropical country I was able to settle into the climate of Northland quite easily. I love how Northland has a way of making you feel at home no matter where you come from, thanks to its diverse, friendly and inviting community. I also love how there are many sites you can explore in Northland. 

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

New Zealand schools provide students with a great range of subject options as well as great opportunities to learn, experience new things, grow and develop personal skills both inside and outside of the classroom. I love how the schools are not only academically focused but also focused through sports, culture, visual arts, and leadership. I really love the diversity within our schools, as there are students from many different cultural backgrounds. Another thing I love about studying in New Zealand is the close relationships the students have with their teachers, allowing students to discuss many matters with their teachers without feeling uncomfortable.

What are your favourite experiences and places to go in Northland?

I am someone who enjoys exploring new places, and Northland is filled with so many natural beauties, each so different to the other, making it difficult to pick just a few. One of my favourite experiences was the cruise around the Bay of Islands, where we saw pods of dolphins and other marine animals, the Hole in the Rock, and a stunning scenic view of the entire Bay of Islands from the turquoise ocean to the lush green islands at the top of Otehei Bay. I enjoy going to the beautiful beaches and the walkways exploring nature’s beauty. 


What are your interests, sports, and hobbies?

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, cultures and languages. I also enjoy cooking & baking for my family and friends. I really enjoy helping others, so I try my best to volunteer around my community whenever I have the time. I love playing badminton. In my spare time, I watch movies and read books.

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends?

My favourite place to hangout with friends would be the town basin. There are so many things you can do around there like eating at the local cafes and restaurants, playing in the playground, exploring the local shops, just sitting down and having a nice chat with the waterfront and going for a peaceful walk around the loop.

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