Jaeyeon talks to his Spanish Teacher

Jaeyeon, one of our 2020 student ambassadors talks about his Spanish teacher and why he enjoys learning Spanish at Huanui College.


Spanish is one of my favorite subjects because I feel more curious about this language. For example, my teacher named Mrs.Zabaleta speaks in Spanish for most of the class and I can’t understand any of what she is saying, but I want to learn more.  She is from Spain and she is so kind and makes it easy for us to learn in Spanish. Therefore I am enjoying learning Spanish.

I think Spanish will be helpful in my future because I can travel and it can give me more job opportunities. I really want to travel to Spain because I like to watch football, and Spain is one of the countries that are good at football. At the beginning of this year, I was thinking how Te Reo Maori would be helpful for my future but I thought Spanish could help more because I like traveling, and I can have a job easily overseas and if I can speak more than one language.

Mrs.Zabaleta has a passion for her language,culture and country. She loves sharing this with the students and being able to help them discover the wonders of languages.

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