Students Visit Makana Chocolates in Kerikeri

A couple of weeks ago, some of our student ambassadors from Kerikeri High School  visited Makana Chocolate Factory in Kerikeri for a behind-the-scenes tour and to interview the owner, Brian about what makes Makana chocolates so delicious.


We learnt that the secret to the Makana taste is quality ingredients such as Australian macadamia nuts (don’t be fooled by the row of Macadamia trees behind the shop), Fijian ginger and Kerikeri oranges. For the same reason, all their chocolate is imported from a family run company in San Francisco.

Some more fun facts about Makana…

“At Makana I learned that they were choosing the ingredients very carefully. Also they only make chocolates that are over 36% coco. – Marika


What I learnt from this visit was 1. That gelato is made from milk instead of cream and 2. They import 14 tonnes of macadamias from Australia every year. My favourite chocolate is the Macadamia Butter Toffee Crunch which is also their most popular and my favourite gelato is the Nutella flavour. “ – Anika


“It was a very interesting visit to Makanas chocolate factory, the first thing I learnt its that they don’t use machines to make all the chocolate products, that’s actually very good because it has the taste of handmade chocolate. The other thing I learnt is that the best Macadamia nuts came from Australia.” – Pablo

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