Meet Student Ambassador - Camille Clavel

Camille is from Switzerland and is studying at Springbank School while living with a host family in Kerikeri. She is one of our 2020 Study Northland Student Ambassadors.


What made you choose Northland?

I chose Northland because of all the activities you can do here. From Horse riding to surfing and diving there’s everything I wanted to experience throughout my exchange year.  The landscape and nature here is wonderful as well. You have the beach but also the bush (forest) which is lovely.


What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

Springbank school is so different from my school at home. It’s a small school where everyone knows everyone. It’s more like a big family.

Not only academic education matters but the focus also lies on the community and sports which I really like about Springbank.


What are your favourite experiences in Northland?

My favourite experience in Northland so far was definitely the diving course I did . It was so much fun and I met new people which was really cool. Also, now that I have the diving certificate, my host father will hopefully take me diving one day, that would be so lovely! The camp we had at the beginning of term one was a lot of fun. I got to surf for the first time and I got to know my classmates better which was really cool. Another great memory was playing hockey for the first time.That was so much fun!


What is like living with a homestay family?

My host family is really lovely. I have four little host siblings that can sometimes be annoying but overall i like them very much. I take them for bike rides or we play Lego together. I have a really good relationship with my host mom.  We talk about a lot of things, which is so cool! I really like her and she cooks really nice and bakes delicious cakes! My host father is really cool as well. I sometimes help him in the garden or we have movie nights all together where they show me New Zealand classics.


What are your interests, sports and hobbies?

I really like being active and just experiencing things i couldn’t do at home. My hobbies are horse riding, playing the piano, singing and running. I also like reading and watching Netflix.

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