Meet Student Ambassador: Nyree

We talked to kiwi ambassador Nyree about what she loves about living in Northland and studying at Whangarei Girls’ High School.

Nyree also recently completed the Global Competence Certificate, an online intercultural program run designed by AFS and run by Massey University. The course took place over 4 weeks as an exchange with students in Korea.

Why do you love Northland? 

Northland’s combination of scenery and community is what I love about it most. Unlike other places, you can reach a large and diverse range of sandy beaches, lush native bush, and spectacular sights within a matter of minutes. All of which create the best and most beautiful playground all year round. But it’s Northlands community engagement that I truly love most, as it has allowed for a space of vibrance and diversity to be created as people are able to connect with one another through festivals, fundraisers, and events. 

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

As a student in NZ, I love how schools and teachers strive to offer students the opportunity to learn and express themselves in a way that suits them. They do this through the New Zealand education system, as it is designed to cater to students’ future career paths by providing specialised courses for those who wish to pursue academic, sporting, and creative careers. Teachers also push us students towards success as we are exposed to a broad range of experiences through our subjects, which helps us determine what we enjoy and what we dislike. However what I really love is how classrooms are set up so that everyone can express their opinions, thoughts, and views in a safe and open environment. 

What are your favourite experiences and places to go in Northland?

Several of my fondest memories have been made on the shore of Northland’s many beautiful beaches. I love Northlands beaches so much because they can serve as both places of relaxation and respite from the bustling city, but also places of adventure, fun, and excitement. For example, during the sunny summertime, my friends and I will often take day trips to the beach where we surround ourselves with yummy food, cold drinks, and our favourite music. This ability we have to access such special, safe, and clean spots is truly a blessing. 

What are your interests, hobbies, and sports?

Extending my knowledge of the world around me through learning about new cultures is one of my biggest passions. I absolutely love doing this, because each new culture I explore teaches me something different about traditions, lifestyles, and struggles, therefore allowing me to understand yet another slice of our beautiful world. My hope is by continuing to do this I will grow as a person and become more connected and understanding of myself and those around me, both near and far.  

I also love gymnastics, I currently coach it, but for many years I competed in it myself. What I love most about the sport and coaching is how because it develops such strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination within the kids they build a strong sense of ability and confidence within themselves which they can then carry with them outside of the gymnasium. 

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends 

One of my favourite places to hangout with my friends is at the local parks, like the Town Basin or Mair park. We often will sit there for hours feeding the ducks, and enjoying the scenery around us. Another of our favourite things to do is visit some of the many bustling cafes and restaurants spotted around Whangarei. Every time we go, we aim to pick a new place we have never been to, therefore allowing us to meet new people and try a bunch of yummy new food. 

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