Meet Student Ambassador: Priyal Sharma

We talked to student ambassador and Whangārei Girls’ High School student, Priyal Sharma about what she likes best about living and studying in Northland. Priyal moved here from Auckland last year.


What made you choose Northland?

I find that Northland is a place full of diversity, and culture is quite heavily promoted here. I came to Whangarei around the end of the year last year and I felt very comfortable as the people here were so kind and welcoming.

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

I really like how I get to learn so many new things through practical experiences (like experiments in science) instead of just learning things on paper. I’m able to learn things without a lot of pressure on me and it helps to understand things deeper.

What are your favourite experiences in Northland?

My favourite experiences in Northland would be spending time with my family and friends, compared to Auckland (which is where I came from) Whangarei is a lot more cleaner (pollution wise) and you can see many stars at night, I’m always mesmerised when I look up at the sky at night.

What are your interests, sports and hobbies?

 I really like to play badminton, I joined badminton as soon as I shifted to Whangarei and I really enjoy it. I also really like to do things where I get to let out my creativity, for example; painting and cooking.  I also like to do crochet and crafts, and I really like BTS (K-pop boy band) and just K-pop in general.

What is your favorite local place to hang out with friends?

My favorite places to hang out with friends are usually places I can connect to, I like to hang out at the badminton center, town and the playground.

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