Meet Student Ambassador: Rebekah

We talked to Rebekah, a kiwi student ambassador about why she loves living in Northland and studying at Whangarei Girls’ High School.

Rebekah also recently completed the Global Competence Certificate, an online intercultural program run designed by AFS and run by Massey University. The course took place over 4 weeks as an exchange with students in Korea.

Why do you love Northland?

I love Northland because of the people and how welcoming and accepting they are to people who are different or who are new to New Zealand. I love how the music community is big in Whangarei and in Northland for instance we have youth music. 

What do you love most about studying at school in New Zealand?

I like studying at school in New Zealand because we are widely diverse in different cultures. There are also a wide range of opportunities (like the GCC programme that i did at the end of last year) and are equal to everyone and not depending on financial standings. 

What are your favourite experiences and places to go in Northland?

I love going to the beach and paddle boarding, so I love ruakaka estuary and church bay. As a child I remember always wanting to go to Paihia where everything there was amazing ice cream, yummy jimmy jacks ribs and the beautiful beaches. I love the way Northland is very natural with the bush and the beaches. My Whanau and I also camp alot and travel around in our little motorhome up north and around the beaches. 

What are your interests, sports and hobbies?

I love music, like listening and playing music. I am a grade 7 singer for Trinity college and play around 4 different instruments (to an intermediate level). I play for 2 different church bands and am hoping to join a band outside of church. I play netball. My position is Centre and anything defense (don’t ever ask me to shoot lol). I love chemistry and biology at school and I love just learning about how the world works and how it has come to be the way it is in the 21st century. I also do Girls Brigade and am looking to do my Queens award for the next 2 years. 

What is your favourite local place to hang out with friends? 

The Cinemas and the Beach. Whenever my Friends and I hangout we always go ‘what’s on at the movies’ or ‘let’s hope the weather is good!’. We just always go to the movies or to the beach or just hang out in town (even if we don’t have any money.)

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