R Tucker Thompson: Sailing on A Tall Ship

Liv from Germany studied at Springbank School in Kerikeri for 12 months and while she was there, got the chance to sail on Northland’s iconic tall ship, R Tucker Thompson.

Read about this life changing experience in Liv’s voyage blog and watch this video made during her voyage.

R Tucker Thompson Voyage Log

Day One – -SE -> SW 20 – 25 knots, Cloudy, overcast. Start in Marsden. Getting to know each other.

Day Two – SE -10 – 15 knots, Good (windy). Visited Poor Knights Islands. Diving at Rikoriko cave. Saw a baby seal. Learning knots. Playing games. Swimming (with swing).

Day Three – SW -15 knots. Playing Games. Diving. Tucker Challenge (climbing up the mast and to the edge of the horizontal beam the sails hang from). Playing Flashlight.

Day Four – SW -> NW 10 – 20 knots, Cloudy & windy. Sailing with all sails up. Braiding bracelets. Walking around an island. Learning “maori chess”.

Day Five – NW 10 – 15 knots, Cloudy. Knowledge test. Playing games at the beach. Swimming and “driving” little tuc (the tender). Flashlight’ on the ship.

Day Six – N -> NW 15 knots, Rainy. Almost pushing the carrot into the water. Russel aka Kororareka. Movie & ice cream. Reflection time aka sleeping in the galley. Dolphins. Swimming from the beach to the tucker. Playing games.

Day Seven – Waking up early. Cleaning the ship. Big breakfast. Trainees taking over sailing. See you later…

My R Tucker Thompson Photos

R Tucker Thompson voyages foster confidence, leadership and teamwork. More about 7 day voyages on the R Tucker Thompson…

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