Northland Horse Riding... on the Beach

 Recently, a group of international students from Whangarei Girls’ High School travelled north from Whangarei to Ahipara to go horse trekking on the beach.


Story by Hillian from Whangarei Girls’ High School

“This was my first time riding a horse. We took a long way from Whangarei to the Ahipara beach, I was nervous and also excited. After we arrived at Ahipara, Selina and I were so delighted as it was also our first time to ride a horse. 

Before we got on the horse, the trainer let us say hi to the horse to make the horse know who is gonna ride them later. As Antonia rode a horse before, she became our role model! Further, we started to get on the horses one by one. My horse is called Storm, he is very kind to me, so I didn’t fall down when I got on him. Also, he best friend is called Star, so Eva and I always ride together.

Photos of our horse trek

After a little practice, we start to walk on the road! It was scary as the car passed just next to us! Yet, after a while we arrived at Ahipara beach, it was really pretty. We had nice weather and with the nice horse, I enjoyed being with my friends and horses. Moreover, after we return back to the horse farm, we get off the horse and say goodbye to them, but our legs can’t close together, everyone walks like a tumbler, we laugh a lot.

It was a really good experience, I can’t wait for the next ride!”

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