Camille Goes Skydiving in the Bay of Islands

Camille Clavel from Springbank School recently ticked skydiving off her #nzmustdo bucket list.


“Saturday morning Jill picked us up from school after a school sleepover and we went to Sky Dive Bay of Islands.

Everything got explained to us and then we had a bit of time to watch the people before us jump. We saw the airplane fly up to where the people would jump out and the height was pretty scary.

Finally it was our turn and we got our gear on. We looked pretty funny because we were wearing a helmet and glasses and suit. In the airplane we were all kind of squeezed together and the higher the plane flew, the faster my heart rate went. When it was my turn to jump, I was already hanging out of the plane and only the instructor I was tied to was still on the plane. That was the best moment for me I think.

The 40 seconds free fall were pretty amazing as well. There were times I felt like I couldn’t breath because we were so fast. When the parachute opened we slowed down and I could finally concentrate on the view. I could even steer the parachute which was pretty fun as well.

As soon as we had completed a smooth landing Toni and I were already planning our next skydive together.”

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